Oligarch vs. Oligarch

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What happens when one of Vladimir Putin’s buddies and a filthy rich real estate embezzler get upset with one another? Well, if they are both Russian oligarchs you can’t expect the fight to be anything less than extreme – we all know that super-rich Russians don’t do anything in half measures. Throw a wealthy Russian woman into the mix and things get even crazier. The big battle is about a US$1.5 million house in Miami, and although the house is in the US and the one rich Russian is in prison in Russia, the battle is being fought in London.

The Contenders

Sergey Polonsky is a billionaire real estate magnate who lived in Cambodia until he was arrested and shipped back to Russia where he was thrown in jail. Polonsky is known for completing a full cosmonaut training course but being rejected for spaceflight because his legs are too long.


 Sergey Polonsky

Sergey Polonsky

Roman Trotsenk

Roman Trotsenk


Roman Trotsenko is an airport and shipping company billionaire who claims that his first million rubles were made by selling cigarettes. He is also a personal friend of Vladimir Putin.

Polonsky and Trotsendo were business partners for several years.

The Grand Prize

1. A sprawling five bedroom, five bathroom mansion that consists of 5,200 square feet of pure luxury on Aqua Avenue in Miami Beach
2. A happy ex-girlfriend/current girlfriend

Whose House is it Anyway?

Polonsky invested in the Aqua project over ten years ago so the house legally belongs to him. He was dating Yulia Drynkina at the time and had three kids with her. After Polonsky was arrested and extradited his former business partner launched a lawsuit in London requesting a ruling that grants ownership of the Aqua house to Yulia Drynkina. Polonsky is not having any of it and claims that he has already given the lady an Aqua house, along with a second house in Moscow worth US$2.5 million and US$800,000 in cash. According to his lawyer Trotsenko and Yulia Drynkina are now a couple and the two are trying to milk Polonsky for all he is worth to keep him in jail. Considering that Trotsenko offered to pay a whopping US$286,000 in bail for the release of Polonsky, he must have fallen hook, line and sinker for Yulia Drynkina.

Aqua House


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