Just When You Thought Russian Oligarchs Can’t Get Weirder

Posted on Sep 28, 2017 in Russian News and Updates | 1 comment

Russian oligarch Aleksandr Donskoy staged a stunt so ridiculously strange it was banned from YouTube. The retail tycoon walked through the streets of St Petersburg with a bare-chested man wearing a rubber Trump mask on a leash. In the locally published footage the tattooed man was snarling and screeching at perplexed people passing by as Donskoy was urging him on, shouting, ‘Bite! Bite!’ After depositing the topless ‘Trump dog’ in his car, he started barking at people through the car window. The crowd had mixed reactions that ranged from amusement and humour to shock and horror.

Not the First Time for Donskoy to Get His Crazy on in Public

Previously a respectable mayor of a northern Russian city, Donskoy apparently now gets his kicks from doing weird stuff in crowded places. He once put on dirty clothes and walked through the centre of Moscow city – apparently to inspire his followers not to fear anything. On another occasion he skidded his Ferrari into a shopping centre where he threw a couple of doughnuts and scared the living daylights out of security guards.

It’s Meant to Highlight Broken Promises

According to Donskoy, the stunt was named, ‘Trump, Heel!’ and his aim was to draw attention to broken promises. According to the super-rich Russian, America’s latest political ‘top dog’ started out by giving people in America, Russia, and many other countries great hope – but didn’t manage to keep his promises, let alone follow his own principles.

Outrageous! Crazy! Disastrous! Contemptible!

After eliciting a public outcry, the footage was removed from YouTube for violating rules about harassment and bullying. Donskoy has also been prevented from standing for election through a criminal case raised against him because of this stunt. In response, the eccentric tycoon opened two museums: one dedicated to death, and the other an erotic museum aptly named G-spot.


  • Zerasu

    I’m getting very strange vibes about this story… It’s like politics are gradually turning into a joke worldwide. What a weird era to live in, that our country and city leaders act like they’re on a silly reality TV show and make the news for strange behavior and ridiculous quotes. It’s FAR from the history we were taught in school about our past leaders! Hopefully, it’ll change for the best soon.