Alexander Nesis

No. 618 in the world - Richest Russian



Alexander NesisAlexander Nesis (Александр Несис) earned his fortune by founding Polymetal mines and ICT Group (Investments Construction and Technologies Group), an investment holding firm. As the life long President of ICT, Nesis has built many technical industrial companies from scratch. From 2012-14, Forbes valued Nesis’s net worth at about $3 billion. However, since 2012, Nesis has dropped from 367th to 618th place on the Forbes list of richest people in the world.

Starting Out
Alexander Nesis was born in Leningrad, in 1962. He graduated with a degree in Radiation Chemistry from the Lensovet Leningrad Institute of Technology, in 1985. He became a master supervisor at the Baltic Shipbuilding Yard (Baltiysky Zavod), the largest shipbuilder in Russia. They produced advanced fleets of nuclear icebreakers, submarines, navy frigates and more.

ICT Group
The technical nature of Alexander Nesis’ education enabled Nesis to develop many unique business projects. In 1991, Alexander Nesis began a few private ventures in post communist Russia. He utilized and sold the waste from uranium. He also founded a company that manufactured construction materials. By 1993, he cofounded ICT Group which has spearheaded the development of mines, metal processing plants smelters and construction materials plants. ICT founded NOMOS Bank to help service its vast investments.

Alexander Nesis has served as the President and CEO of ICT from its inception. Currently, ICT has about $8 billion in assets. ICT has a diverse portfolio that includes banks, commercial real estate, precious metals, mines, freight shipping, rail roads, logistics, construction and heavy engineering.

Baltic Shipbuilding Yard
In 1993, ICT bought a controlling stake in Baltic Shipbuilding Yard – Nesis’ former employer. Nesis served his first extended stint as its Chairman of the Board. In the ensuing decade, Baltic Shipbuilding Yard was overhauled to include technological advancements that resulted in the production of three new generation navy frigates.

From NOMOS Bank to Otkritie Financial Corporation
Alexander Nesis and ICT established NOMOS Bank, in 1993, to fund ICT’s investment strategies. By 2013, NOMOS Bank was the 2nd largest private bank and the 6th overall in Russia with $29.9 billion in assets. In 2013, Nesis sold controlling share of NOMOS to Otkritie Financial Corporation and bought shares in Otkritie. As a result of these transactions, Otkritie is the largest private bank in Russia and the 5th overall. NOMOS is now being integrated and branded into Otkritie.

Build Polymetal
In 1998, Alexander Nesis cofounded Polymetal, a mining and metal production company with large gold and silver deposits. He has since sold the company to Nafta Moskva owned by Suleyman Kerimov, in 2005, and bought it back with Petr Kellner and Alexander Marmut at a significant profit during the financial crisis of 2008. He is still vested in Polymetal.

In April 2010, Nesis bought a major share in Uralkali, Russia’s largest manufacturer of potassium fertilizer together with fellow billionaires Suleyman Kerimov and Filaret Galchev from Dmitry Rybolovlev. In 2013, Nesis sold his share for $2 billion just before Uralkali’s value fell drastically.

Recent Acquisitions
In April 2014, Alexander Nesis and ICT bought 26% of O1 Properties from Russian real estate tycoon Boris Mints. Nesis, with a group of investors, bought a third of Opap the Greek lottery company.

Alexander Nesis lives in Moscow. He is married with four children. He enjoys exotic vacations like crossing the Sahara desert and traversing the jungles of Burma,Cambodia and Ecuador.