In the third section of the Richest Russian website we continue to be fascinated with how the richest Russians ascended to their positions of power and wealth. Their rise to oligarchy is interesting and in many cases beyond belief. In this section we resume examining the lives of some of the greatest Russian tycoons and try to understand their journeys to where they are currently. We also take a brief look at their lives outside of making money and wielding power. Filled with fantastic and exotic activities, the lives of Russia’s oligarchs reflect both their high net worth and the extreme influence they wield.


No. 517 in the worldGuzeriev Ogonek

Mikhail Gutseriev



No. 527 in the world

Andrei Guriev



No. 539 in the world

Igor Olenicoff



No. 549 in the worldSamvel Karapetyan

Samvel Karapetyan



No. 618 in the worldAlexander Nesis

Alexander Nesis



No. 688 in the worldViatcheslav Moshe Kantor

Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor



Arkadi RotenbergNo. 652 in the world

Arkady Rotenberg



Alexander SkorobogatkoNo. 782 in the world

Alexander Skorobogatko



No. 782 in the world

Alexander Ponomarenko



No. 854 in the worldIgor Makarov

Igor Makarov




No. 884 in the worldRoustam Tariko

Roustam Tariko