German Khan

No. 133 in the world - Richest Russian



German KhanGerman Borisovich Khan (Герман Хан) is a well-known Russian billionaire who has made his fortune in the fields of finance, commodities, telecommunications, and energy. Deemed to have a personal net worth of $9.8 billion, he has blazed a trail of successful businesses for himself and his partners. As the founding member of the Alfa Group, he and his fellow billionaire friends from college, Alexei Kuzmichev and Mikhail Fridman, have built a financial empire over the years. He is ranked as the 133th wealthiest billionaire in the world, and the 10th richest man in Russia.

Breaking into the Business

As with many other successful Russian businessmen, German Khan got his start in his country’s energy sector. His Alfa Group gained control of the massive oil concern TNK in 2003, and he sat as the company’s Director until 2013. The firm which is half owned by the British energy giant BP was later sold in 2012 to the publicly held Rosneft for a reported price of over $28 billion and is said to have garnered Khan a personal profit of some $3.3 billion. Under Khan’s leadership in 1991, he and his partners opened Alfa Bank, which is considered to be the Russia’s largest privately owned bank. Further diversifying his holdings through his management of Alfa Bank, Khan holds a significant stakein Vimpelcom, a major Russian cellular provider.

Khan sits on a wide variety of high powered boards in the sectors within which his businesses operate. For example, he is the Director of ABH Holdings SA and is on Rosneft’s Management Board as a Member.

Personal Life

The 53 year old Khan was born and raised in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. After leaving home, he moved to Russia, where he studied at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and earned his bachelor’s degree. Khan is married with three children and is reported to reside in Moscow.

Khan is said to be a firearms enthusiast and an avid hunter. He is reported to have an extensive collection of rifles and other weapons. In addition, he is thought to carry a personal handgun with him at events and meetings.

Well-Known Billionaire Associates

As well as the long-time friends with whom he founded the Alfa Group, Khan is known to have close personal and business relations with a number of other wealthy Russian billionaires. Included among his close friends are Alexander Knaster and Pyotr Aven, who are both recognized for their powerful positions in the Russian business world. He has also been linked to billionaires Leonard Blavatnik and Viktor Vekselberg, who were involved in profitable partnerships with Khan around both in his current and past ventures.

Philanthropic Activities and Causes

German Khan was raised in a Jewish family and is considered to be intently involved with a variety of Russian Jewish organizations and societies. He helped to found the Genesis Philanthropy Group, which works with the worldwide Jewish Russian speaking community, together with his friends Fridman, Knaster and Aven. Khan has also been reported to be a major donor to the European Jewish Fund.