Mikail O. Shishkhanov

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Mikail O. Shishkhanov – Veteran Businessman

Mikail O. Shishkhanov (Микаил Османович Шишханов) is a Russian financier and businessman with vast experience in banking. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at B&N Bank where he is the majority shareholder (59.4%), and the Chairman of the Management Board of MDM Bank. He also co-owns the Russian corporate site of INTECO, 95% of the shares in the private company Patriot, and shares in Mospomstroy.

Early Years and Education

Mikail O. Shishkhanov

Mikail O. Shishkhanov

Mikail O. Shishkhanov was born on 6 August 1972 in Grozny Russia. Grozny is the capital of the Chechen Republic in Russia where the Chechen Wars took place. Shishkhanov was interested in economics and law and studied these subjects at the People’s Friendship University, also known as the Patrice Lumumba University. He graduated in 1995 with a master’s degree in the subjects. Shishkhanov continued with his studies at Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation where he achieved a Ph.D. in law and a doctorate in Economics.


In 1992, even while he was studying Mikail O. Shishkhanov was working at the financial and industrial arm of B&N – a company that was founded by Shishkhanov’s uncle the billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev. In 1994 he was appointed at B&N Bank as head of interbank relations. He was then promoted to vice president before being appointed as deputy CEO of the bank. In 1996 he became the CEO and president of the bank – a role he held until 2015. B&N Bank observes old traditions and provides e-cigarettes, traditional cigarettes and company branded chocolates to visitors.

Opportunity in Crisis

The Russian economic crisis created havoc for banks and has put many out of business between 2014 and 2017 while creating fantastic opportunity for others like Mikhail Gutseriev and Mikail Shishkhanov. As the nephew of Mikhail Gutseriev who is known for buying up all of Russia’s banks one by one, Shishkhanov has publicly spoken about the new opportunities created by the crisis in Russia. The opportunities spoken of by Shishkhanov have paid off through the years as he has a net worth of US$1.97 billion as in 2017 according to Forbes.

Memberships and Honours

Shishkhanov was appointed as an Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in Chechen. In addition to his career in the banking industry, Shishkhanov also actively participates in the banking community. He is a member of the Moscow Banking Union and the Board of Russian Bankers Association. In recognition of his loyalty to Russia and the Russian banking industry, Shishkhanov was bestowed with various awards. He received the Order of Gold Star for Loyalty to Russia anda was also awarded with the Order of Russian Orthodox Church and the Order of Merit by the Russian Bankers Association.

Personal Life

Mikail O. Shishkhanov is a family man – he is married and has four children. The family reside in Moscow, Russia.