Gleb Fetisov

Gleb Fetisov is a Russian oligarch with an estimated net worth of US $1.2 billion. Fetisov is not only known for his political exploits, but also as an entrepreneur, a public figure, distinguished scientist, a doctor of economics and an investor.

Early Life and Education

Gleb Fetisov

Gleb Fetisov

Gleb Fetisov was born on 5 June 1966 in the city of Elektrostal, which used to be known as Zatishye. It is located 58 kilometres east of Moscow. Fetisov was educated at the Moscow State University where he achieved a Doktor Nauk degree in Economics.


After completing his education Fetisov worked in several prominent positions at commercial banks, monetary companies and industrial firms. In 1995 he joined Alfa Group as an economist where he worked in the food and commodity trading department. Fetisov was later instrumental in the group’s acquisition of a Siberian aluminium salt plant. His role at the company was eventually president of Alfa Eco. Alfa Group is one of the largest privately held investment companies in Russia with interests in investment and commercial banking, oil and gas, asset management, insurance and telecommunications. Alfa Eco is the commodities trading arm of the company. During his tenure Fetisov worked with fellow Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman who was the co-founder and chairman of Alfa Group. In 1996 Fetisov was appointed as arbitration supervisor at Achinsk aluminina refinery where he worked until 2000. He then joined the My Bank Group where he achieved great success. In 2011 Fetisov invested with Within My Decker Capital, a Chinese investment company that has vested interests of around US$100 million in China’s largest retail chain New Alliance Commerce. In 2012 Fetisov increased his wealth by around US$740 million when a large percentage of Altimo (in which Fetisov had a sizable investment) was acquired by Megafon, one of the largest mobile phone and telecom operators in Russia owned by the billionaire Alisher Usmanov.

Entering Into Politics and Getting Arrested

In 2012 Fetisov left work to start the Green Alliance People’s Party. In 2014 Gleb Fetisov sold all his business interests for around US$1.4 billion with the goal of becoming a full-time politician. Shortly after he permanently entered into politics in opposition to the government, Fetisov was accused of embezzling assets of My Bank and he was arrested. In early 2015 he paid over US$200 million to creditors and was released from prison in August. After his release Fetisov announced that he would no longer be active in politics.

Gleb Fetisov’s Political Ideology

As the leader of the Russian political party Alliance of Greens and Social Democrats, Fetisov had an ideology that includes sustainable development of Russia, the development of a quality lifestyle for all Russians, non-violence, social justice and environmental protection.


Gleb Fetisov is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Coordinating Council and a corresponding member of the Department of Social Sciences, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.