The life stories of some of the world’s Russian tycoons are captivating. As you explore the final section of the Richest Russian website, your will notice that great wealth and political clout is not the only thing the richest Russians in the world have in common. It is through sharp political and financial acumen these Russian men and women became powerful tycoons. The story of the rise of the Russian oligarch continues to enthrall as the list grows with more Russians amassing great wealth and power. Enjoy this final section and check back as the site is updated with more fascinating facts.



Sergei MakhlaiNo. 1000+ – exact fortune unknown

Sergei Makhlai



Vladimir GusinskyNo. 1000+ – exact fortune unknown

Vladimir Gusinsky



Michael CherneyNo. 1000+ – exact fortune unknown

Michael Cherney



No. 1000+ – exact fortune unknownBoris Mints

Boris Mints



No. 1000+ – exact fortune unknown

Anatoly Lomakin



Said Kerimov

No. 1000+ – exact fortune unknown

Said Kerimov



No. 1000+ – $1.95 billionMikail O. Shishkhanov

Mikail O. Shishkhanov



No. 1000+ – $1.4 billion

Gavril Yushvaev



No. 1000+ – $1.4 Billion

Lev Kvetnoi



No. 1000+ – $1.3 BillionAras Agalarov

Aras Agalarov



No. 1000+ – $1.2 BillionGleb Fetisov

Gleb Fetisov



No. 1000+ – $1.43 Billion

Vasily Anisimov